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Engineering Insurance




Any business in the construction trade, such as heavy construction, building construction, or home improvement, is best to carry construction insurance to be protected from risk. We offer many types of construction insurance after years of experience in working with construction companies, which is why we know that protecting your business and yourself from risk is very important and is an issue that requires deep understanding.

Contractors All Risk Insurance

Contractors All Risk insurance or “construction all risk insurance”  is a very highly specialized type of insurance offered by QIIC, as it provides coverage for contractors in or builders working on a construction site. They can be engaged in various building projects such as residential, commercial, roads, complexes, ports, tunnels, power stations, etc. General contractors insurance or contractors all risk insurance is all about giving you and your business the protection you need from financial loss and other cases as well, as it provides insurance cover for the property that you are working on excluding the already existing property. It also covers any third party claims or property damages. Major construction companies choose this type of insurance to be on the safe side of the law in case of any major accidents.

Erections All Risk Insurance

This type of insurance is designed to cover the damage that may arise from the installation and erection of machinery, steel structures, in addition to, any physical damage that may be caused to the contract works and machinery. Furthermore, this construction liability insurance covers third party injuries or property destruction that may arise out of these operations. This type is also called General liability insurance for contractors and is a great solution to help cover lawsuit costs in the case of being sued over accidents or work mistakes

Constructors Plant / Machinery Insurance

Machinery and equipment are important assets in all construction projects, however; they are exposed to many risks inherent to the industry and their operations. Further, they are also exposed to natural calamities such as fire, storms and floods. Machinery insurance or as called by some “builders all risk insurance” provides cover to every hazard to the machinery while being operated on the site which means that any sudden loss or damage of the machinery is covered by this type of insurance unless otherwise specified.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

This type of insurance cover protects your investment in the equipment and machinery as it provides cover for any sudden damage of your machinery whether at work or during maintenance, transportation, or removal. Unless otherwise specified in the policy, QIIC Machinery Breakdown Insurance covers any damage or loss of the insured machinery.

Finally, Construction liability insurance is a major safety net for you and your business our team can help you choose the specific type of insurance that suits your business needs. Moreover, as reputable company in the field of construction insurance QIIC offer the best value for your insurance and allow you to run a risk free business.