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General Insurance

General Accidents


General insurance or non-life insurance policies offer great protection. They include automobile and homeowners’ policies, and provide various payments which depend on the loss from a particular financial event. It is normally defined as any type of insurance not determined to be life insurance; which is why it is called property and casualty insurance. General Insurance services offered by QIIC offers peace of mind and security from possible financial losses.

Burglary Insurance

We often hear about incidents of robberies and burglaries that happen around us, yet we do not really imagine that we could be on the other end of that equation. However, till it does actually happen to us, we are never serious enough to give it much though till it is sometimes too late. Burglary insurance will give you a sense of assurance in such cases, and leave you with peace of mind when facing any sort of situation. QIIC burglary insurance insures you against any loss from theft and damage to property as a result of forced entry to, or a violent exit from the premises. In the incidents of theft of your property, this policy covers the losses and provides you with a financial compensation.

Plate Glass Insurance

Today’s extensive use of plate glass in modern architecture has created a special comprehensive insurance set to cover not only plate glass but glass signs as well. It can be motion-picture screens, halftone screens and lenses, glass doors, glass bricks, and so forth.

Office Multicover Insurance

Also, office contents insurance is best to guard the everyday operational assets that sit at your place of business. This type of insurance is essential for business owners who want to protect their office from any potential risks.

Accidents Insurance

If you want to make sure that you are well-protected in the event of injury, there are different types of coverage which can come into play; such as QIIC accident insurance. It generally means an insurance of compensation for accidental injury or death, and is the best way for you to protect yourself and your family against the unexpected. Personal accident insurance is an added level of financial protection in the case of serious injury, which will offer you total reassurance.

Personal Accident Cover

Also, personal accident insurance cover, pays out in the situation of you or your partner being injured or in an accident that involves your car. You are also covered in some cases, if you are in any car, not just your own. It differs from life, medical, and health insurance, as personal accident insurance provides you with the choice of covering anyone in your household for personal injury or death that comes as a result of an accident. QIIC offers you the best expertise with a scope of cover and scale of benefits that differ in various personal accident insurance policies. This should therefore ensure that you will be able to purchase a policy which meets your requirements and the types of coverage you need in a PA policy.

Also, if you wish to ensure you are properly protected should a day come and you find yourself out of work due to an accident or sickness, it is definitely worth considering accident and sickness insurance. It is the perfect insurance for income protection and critical illness cover, as these policies can pay vital bills for you in the event of any prolonged periods of unemployment due to poor health.

At QIIC, you can get the best insurance on the market, tailored to fit all your needs. In our drive towards growth and continual improvement, we aim to deliver the best customer experience for all insurance needs through our many insurance services.